Unboxing The PurrSong LavvieTag

During CES we connected with an amazing company that focuses on pet based solutions called PurrSong.

This company creates not just water bowls, cat boxes, and other cat centric appliances to help out the pet owners of the world, but also pet trackers!

PurrSong specifically sent us the LavvieTag for us to try out and share our thoughts about with you. This small cube is specifically designed to track and monitor your cat’s day-to-day activities, compare days against one another, and compile the data to give pet parents updates and insights about their animal’s health.

I got a chance to try out this item with my lovely cat Fuzzbubble, and while Fuzzbubble is an older cat, it’s great to get insights about how often she’s resting, roaming, and even every time she does zoomies. For the uninitiated, zoomies are when a cat gets a burst of energy and runs all over the house.

With our busy lives, sometimes it’s not easy to know when our animals and pets are not feeling well. Someone who is busy might not notice that their pet’s lives and regular practices and behaviors are changing in their day to day behaviors.

Having a device like the LavvieTag not only keeps track of your pet’s data but breaks it down in such a clear and educated format that it’s easy to keep track of how well your pet is doing!

See how easy it is to set up, and how helpful the information is!

You can pick up your own LavvieTag Here!

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