Multishape Is Panasonic’s Solution To Multitool Grooming!

When we travel, we don’t have a lot of space in our bags. As a solution, Panasonic brings the Multishape tool for frequent travelers.

Multishape is a modular system to meet everyday needs when it comes to personal care. The system comes with two rechargeable batteries and five attachments that can be purchased depending on your need. When you want to use a different head, you just swap out the head for one base unit.

The options for attachments are:

  • Beard/Hair Trimmer Head – Up to 39 length settings and comb attachments allowing lengths of up to 1mm through 20mm in length.
  • Beard/Hair/Body Trimmer Head – Up to 58 length settings and comb settings allowing from 0.5mm through 30mm.
  • 3-Blade Shaver Head – Individual Floating Blades move independently in three directions.
  • Nose/Ear/Facial Trimmer Head: – Double-edged cutting blade and a vacuum function to remove hairs away.
  • Electric Toothbrush Head – Utilizing Sonic Vibration toothbrush.
  • The unit takes up less space in your luggage and allows you to pack more things you need, or just go with lighter travel.

    For this new tool, they’ve even launched a new site for people to pick up their Multishape! If you want one of these, then you need to head to You’ll be alerted to when the system becomes available to purchase if you enter your email.

    The product will sell for anywhere between $120 through $175 and will become available in August 2022.

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