Nerd Social – Ep 2: How To Make A Board Game

Nerd Social is a new show from Nerd News Social, where the Host. Eric, gets together with four experts and talks about certain topics that are interesting, helpful, or needed in society.

For our second episode, the experts discuss what it would take to make a board game. If you have any interest in creating your own, check out this video.

On our panel is:
Zack Garber – Dungeon Master
Lindsay Garber – Graphic Designer
Clideen Karami – Story Teller
Brian Henk – Game Designer / Owner at Overworld Games

Nerd Social was filmed at:
Seven Deadly Fairies
2725 E. Colorado Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91107

Check out Lindsay’s Twitch and YouTube Channel here.

Check out Zack’s Twitch channel here.

Check out Brian Henk’s company, Overworld Games and Board Game Business Podcast.

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