Game Devs of Color Expo Returns To An Online For 2022

Game Devs of Color Expo or GDoCExpo has shared that it will be returning to the world on September 15, 2022 through September 18, 2022.

While normally this expo takes place in Harlem, New York at the Schomburg Center, the pandemic has forced it to go virtual since 2021. Unfortunately current trends has forced its seventh year event to stay with a virtual focus for the benefit of it’s patrons.

Last year included panels such as:

  • “Cooperating as Game Worker Cooperatives” involving Alex A.K., Eva-Lea Longue Ngambi, and Francesca Esquenazi.
  • “Make Your Game in 10 Minutes or Less” with Xalavier Nelson Jr.
  • “Developer interview” with Adrienne Bazir.
  • 2022’s GDoCExpo Online will continue the amazing panels, developer talks, and interviews as well as show off games from around the world.

    There is more to celebrate this year at the expo, as GDoCExpo can now proudly announced it has become an official 501(c)(3) nonprofit with it’s purpose to raising funds to support amplifying the creative power held by people of color in games.

    Head to GDoCExpo Here to find out more about the event, as more details will be announced as we get closer to the expo’s date.

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