We’ve Fallen For Riot PWR’s ESL Android Controller

With the fact that next-gen consoles are still hard to find these days, we take our gaming where we can get it. A lot of us game on our mobile devices, and it makes sense. Phones are basically the equivalent of a high-end computer that we just happen to keep in our pocket.

Gaming has always been limited with phones though, as your only way to play is traditionally by dragging or tapping on the device with your finger. The great people at Riot PWR though have been resolving that issue with their controllers.

We got to check out the Riot PWR ESL controller specifically for Android, and we have to admit we fell in love. While at an event for the company at CES we actually saw another reporter spend the entire night at the event with his phone in one of the controllers just playing Fortnite the entire time. Crazy!

When they sent us one for our Samsung though, we purchased Stardew Valley on our phone to see what the controller can do. We were not disappointed. The controller is very similar to most controllers on the market, and the phone holder does a great job freeing your hands for the gaming.

I also want to give a shout out to the cord management built into the controller, we mention it and show it off in the video.

If you have a plane trip, or road trip, and want to game on the go, but don’t have the space or power for a console, then why not just pick up one of these controllers and use the device we have in our pocket for the same experience!

If you want to get in on the fun too then pick up your own controller Here!

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