Cubtale Offers Parents A Easier Way To Manage Baby Notes

While at CES we found out about Cubtale and were impressed by the idea. One of our staff has a child not to long ago, so they had to actively go through the process that Cubtale aimed to make easier, and informed me that this technology would have been a godsend.

Placing these discs around your home can allow yourself, and others caring for your child, to easily add data to your Cubtale App and record your newborn data so that you can share it with your child’s pediatrician at normal check ups.

As you may not know, these stats are incredibly important and the best way for doctors to tell that your child is growing and developing properly. We chatted with the co-owner of Cubtale while at CES.

You can purchase the packs in single, triple, or five pack options Here!

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