ZVOX Gives You Better Audio With The AV357

We’ve talked about the importance of hearing in our prior article talking about XVOX’s AV100, (see that article Here). While we said it there, it’s worth repeating that 13% of people over 12 years old in the USA have hearing loss in both ears. Many of the people who have hearing loss might not even notice that they have hearing loss issues.

So when it comes to experiencing and enjoying audio with your programming, things get a bit tricky. A lot of TVs are designed with audio not being a major feature, but when studios and filmmakers produce their content, they do so with audio being a major component.

The problem of inadequate audio, created by the electronics industry, can be solved with a high-quality soundbar. However, when it comes to hearing loss, a regular soundbar might not do the job.

Not only does it have ZVOX’s AccuVoice clarification system to aid the millions of Americans with hearing loss by separating the dialog, but the device has specifically 12 levels of settings, 6 focusing on AccuVoice, and 6 focusing on SuperVoice algorithms to boost the dialog and tailor it to the user’s needs.

The AV357 has a large amount of bass due to its wood cabinet and is designed to fill a room with sound. Be it clear dialog, or high-quality music performances.

Another feature that used to be a major selling point for a while for some TVs is the soundbar’s Output Leveling system that reduces the audio of commercials, which typically boast dialog to catch viewers’ attention, and might sound like shouting after the adjustment.

In addition to the features of ZVOX soundbars, the AV357 also is Alexa Ready to allow you to control additional audio features without needing to go searching for the remote.

The AV57 is available for only $299 at major retailers. It comes in Black, and soon in Ash and Cherry, and you can pick up your own AV357, or learn more about ZVOX Here!

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