Hear Dialog Better On Your TV With ZVOX’s AV100

13% of people over 12 years old in the USA has hearing loss in both ears. That number skyrockets when you make the benchmark “any form of hearing loss.” Let the fact sink in. There are people in your life right now who may not notice that they are subconsciously reading lips to be able to understand what you are saying.

Hearing is a big problem. Whether it be because of prolonged enjoyment of sound devices above their suggested levels, an accident of some sort, or a genetic issue, losing one’s hearing is a problem and fear for a lot of people.

We’ve covered on our site a couple of solutions for products like that, but before I got into writing for this site, I was setting up people with audio equipment for their televisions.

I’m personally a firm believer that sound makes the movie or television show. Without clear sound, as intended, you aren’t really experiencing the content as you are supposed to. We would get a lot of people who would be looking for a solution with regards to clarity of sound, and support for dialog, and when that would happen, we would direct those people to checking out ZVOX products.

ZVOX focused on not only taking that dialog and clearing it away from the rest of the content, but also increasing it’s levels. With a ZVOX product, you don’t have to make your neighbors and loved ones lives miserable by blaring the TV.

It’s important to know that space is limited, and most people can’t support a sound bar, or sound plate for their television, so when ZVOX shared with us their new AV100 “Mini” system, we wanted to talk about it with the general public!

Not only does it have ZVOX’s AccuVoice clarification system to aid the millions of Americans with hearing loss by separating the dialog, but it’s also provides virtual surround sound with their Phasecue technology. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice audio quality for dialog clarity.

On top of all of this, the AV100 is only 10″ wide, and should easily fit on any TV stand right in front of the television. For only $99 at major retailers, it’s a very affordable sound system that could really make your viewing experience so much better.

Pick up your own AV100, or learn more about ZVOX Here!

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