Prizeo Presents The Ultimate Derek Zoolander Experience!

Are you a fan of flawless beautiful people, and want to surround yourself with only those that make you happy, and also interesting, and also beautiful? Then you might need a little more Derek Zoolander in your life. However, Derek is very busy. He is teaming up with Prizeo though to fly one of his adoring model fans to either Los Angeles or New York, a models life is very busy. There you can spend a couple seconds with him before you are whisked back to your cole mining life.

Just don’t bring up how small his school for children who don’t read good is.

If you win this raffle, you will receive these prizes:

  • Airfare for two, to Los Angeles or New York.
  • Stay in a hotel for two nights.
  • Meet and Greet with Ben Stiller.
  • A “Blue Steel” selfie with Ben Stiller.
  • Custom Voicemail message from “Derek Zoolander”.
  • Donations for this raffle will support the Project ALS, one2one USA Foundation, and ALS Association Golden West Chapter.

    More about the ALS:
    ALS, is sometimes refered to as Lou Gehrig’s disease, targets the victims brain cells, damaging the motor neurons. This effects the brains abilities to send messages to the body. People with ALS will progressively loses the ability to walk, speak, swallow, and breathe, eventually leading to death. ALS does not target people by age, race, or gender. Once diagnosed, the results are fatal and can claim the person’s life within 2-5 years.

    Hurry up and enter the charity raffle Here, because the raffle ends on February 29, 2020.

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