Join Whatnot To Win Rare Pokemon TCG Cards!

Starting today at 4:00 pm (PST) Whatnot is creating a huge livestreaming event for the people in the Pokemon TCG community!

If you participate in the Break the Bank events, you can win one of many cards totaling a worth of $400K of rare Pokemon cards. The event will also continue through Sunday, May 1st!

Players from 4:00 to 5:00 pm each day of the event will work together to break the glass bank filled with cards by bringing more people to the stream, and then one person will win! The cards even include Crystal Charizard PSA10 and a 1st Edition Neo Destiny Booster Box.

Whatnot is not just a place to interact, but also a location for collectors to find items like trading cards and rare sneakers.

Top sellers on the platform can even earn up to eight figures a year.

40 sellers made a million or above in 2021, and 10 sellers are currently on track to earn 10 million in 2022!

Join in Here!

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