Video Games for the Week of October 15th, 2019

PS4, Switch, & Xbox One

Ice Age: Scrat’s Nutty Adventure by Outright Games

Take control of Scrat, the squirrel monster from Ice Age. You need to get your acorn back, and it’s trapped in the Scratazon Temple. Wait. Is it named after him? Scrat will find the legendary Crystal Nuts, all to gain back his acorn.

Zombieland Double Tap Roadtrip by GameMill Entertaiment

A zombie killing road trip, as you can unlock and play as people from the cinematic universe. Play alone, or with friends, as you take advantage of players unique fighting styles throughout different campaign modes.

PS4 & Xbox One

The Fisherman – Fishing Planet by Maximum Games

Enjoy the art of fishing, in your home, as you play a game that was lovingly crafted over 5 years by passionate and professional fisherman. The game boasts fine attention to detail, and a realistic thrill of fishing.


Monkey King: Hero Is Back by THQ/Nordic Games

Monkey King, Hereo is Back, is based on the 2015 Chinese animated movie of the same name. In this game, you will play as Sun Wukong, and will feature content not in the original film. This is supposed to be a game, that parents can play with their children as they relax.

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