Fret Not Con Goers Virtual Fan Expo Is Coming

We have all been so sad at the closure of conventions throughout the year, as COVID-19 claims conventions across the country.

With fans looking for a way to reach out, from supporting their favorite fan booths at conventions, to watching with bated breath wondering if San Diego Comic Con will be allowed to stay open in July.

At this time, no one knows.

With the desire of fans, and the companies wishing to reach out to the audience, a group of people is working together to fill that niche!

Collider, Legion M, Kaleidoko and XLEVELENT are bringing Virtual Fan Expo 2020 in May!

They are going to do their best to replicate a convention, including an exhibitor floor thanks to the software company of Auxxit!

Through Auxxit, you’ll be able to see stores, and make purchases. While this is not quite like the convention itself since you won’t be able to take your purchase home, as this is not physical convention. With their planning, they will even have convention exclusives only available through Virtual Fan Expo 2020 The vendors, however, will send out the purchases. You can even talk to the vendors live through Auxxit, and communicate with other buyers on the digital convention floor!

Additionally, though the convention plans to host a virtual gaming room, interviews, panels, a cosplay “ball” and celebrity guests!

One of the confirmed celebrities is the awesome and amazing Joe Manganiello, who was in True Blood, Rampage, Legion M‘s Archenemy, and shareholder of Liquid Death Mountain Water!

Virtual Fan Expo will run on Saturday and Sunday, May 2-3, 2020.

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