Vampires And Pizza (Experience) Is Spreading Across The USA

Are you a fan of mystery dinners, or interactive experiences? Well, it’s almost impossible to engage in them right now because the pandemic prevents public events. That doesn’t mean that they don’t exist though! Vampire (dot) Pizza is one of the few experiences that you can safely do from the safety of your own home.

Right now Vampire (dot) Pizza is running the first chapter of their story, focusing on the Belle’s Family Kitchen. In the experience you prepurchase for pickup (or delivery in some locations), your experience. When you are ready to start you enter your “Awaken” code into the site, which makes the location prepare your items, and the game begins. Later in the summer, a second chapter is said to be dropped.

From there, there is no turning back as you enter into a world full of vampires and… well pizza. Unlock the story and solve puzzles, leading to the discovery that vampires are very real.

In Los Angeles specifically, the experience is sold for $66 for two people, or $112 for four people. Your experience comes with pizza, salad, a dessert, and access and admission to the immersive experience.

Current locations with access to Vampire (dot) Pizza:

  • Central LALos Angeles, CA
  • Lower ManhattanNew York, NY
  • WilliamsburgNew York, NY
  • QueensNew York, NY
  • Staten IslandNew York, NY
  • Additional locations coming this month:

  • San Fransisco, CA
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Chicago, IL
  • Austin, TX
  • If you want Vampire (dot) Pizza to open up in your location as well, head Here to request it!

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