The Texas Renaissance Festival Is Returning – Find Out How They Are Protecting Patrons

The good people of Nerd News Social are fans of the Texas Renaissance Festival. It’s a fun experience that brings families, and fanatics out to have a good bit of fun. Our correspondent Sarah even attended the festival last year, (See her article Here). With the Pandemic, and the closing of many events it’s interesting to see that this festival is still planning on going forward with its 46th season.

We’ve covered the situation of attending events during the pandemic prior, and we recommend people check out our article on “If You Should Go Out” Here. In keeping with our promise in that article, we will let you know what actions this location is taking to keep you safe below.

Face Coverings

  • All staff and participants of the festival will be wearing facial coverings for the entirety of the festival.
  • Any mandates by the state for patrons to wear masks will be adhered to, but only in place of a mandate.
  • If mandates require masks, patrons will be allowed to remove masks for eating or drinking, but are required to do so stationary.
  • If mandates require masks, a designated mask-free zone will be created for people to do so, while still maintaining social distancing.
  • Lacking a mandate, Patrons are suggested to wear a mask and face covering in locations of the festival that they can not keep 6 feet of distance from staff or attendees.
  • Patrons in shops or lines may be required to wear a mask.
  • Souvenir and disposable masks will be available on-site for purchase.
  • Hand Washing and Sanitizing

  • The festival will have 12 fully stocked privies for patrons to wash their hands at.
  • 190 hand sanitizing stations will be installed throughout the festival.
  • The festival grounds will be sanitized and decontaminated every night prior to opening per CDC cleaning requirements.
  • Festival staff will spot clean and sanitize high-touch areas of the festival through our the festivals hours.
  • Entrance Screening

  • Staff will receive daily temperature screenings, and will be required to report any symptoms.
  • Patrons will not be screended at the event.
  • If patrons have prepurchased tickets and are feeling symptomatic, will be allowed to exchange tickets for later in the 2020 season, or in the 2021 season.
  • Social Distancing Requirements

  • Guests will be asked to self maintain social distancing of at least 6 feet between other guests.
  • Standard Capacity Limits will be enforced at the event, and inside all venues within the festival.
  • Seating for food, and shows at the festival will be adjusted to promote social distancing.
  • So with these plans masks aren’t specifically required one of the interesting things the festival will be doing is holding daily competitions and random spot rewards for patrons attending the festival that are wearing masks, and are doing so in creative and interesting ways.

    While these are clear plans for the event, and even brags of their 60 acres of outdoor festival grounds, saying it’s more than enough space for patrons to be socially distanced, there is no guarantee that people will be taking advantage of the distancing space, or that the people who don’t distance themselves, or wear a mask will not have the virus.

    The festival makes no guarantees that their safety measures will prevent attendees and staff from being exposed during the festival, and with their precautions, we highly suggest that you take that into consideration before purchasing your tickets. The employes have. The company has said that more than half of the staff, musicians, and performers have bowed out of the new season. The company says they are respecting the wishes of their employees, and says that no one will be penalized by their bowing out, and are more than welcome to return the next year.

    At the time of writing this article, there are currently 600,661 active cases of people with Coronavirus in Texas, and 11,722 deaths.

    Tickets are currently on sale, and purchasable Here, and must be pre-purchased for the dates running from October 3, 2020 through November 29, 2020.

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