Tavern Fever D&D Giveaway

Locked in doors with your family? Well The Fourth Place For Geeks has your back with their new contest.

For every 100 people who enter the contest they will give away another prize for a lucky member.

What prize you ask? Well winners get to pick any of these items:

  • (Game Night Ready) version of Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set.
  • Pick a “Pointy Hat Enthusiast” t-shirt, with witch and wizard themes.
  • Choose three “Gamer Pride” enamel pins.
  • “Gamer Pride” and “Laptop” sticker sheets.
  • $25 gift card on The Fourth Place online shop.
  • Right now they have over 1,100 entries, so there are 11 prizes, and only more will arrive.

    So register for the contest Here, and get in on this prize package!

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