Celebrate Your Love For Stranger Things With Coastal Pop-Up Stores

Launching for free with tickets able to be reserved on Fever, fans can stop by either the Los Angeles Pop-Up store at The Americana in Glendale, or in Times Square of New York.

We got a sneak peek of the Los Angeles Location last night, so we could share with you what to expect from the store. First, it’s so much more than a store!

Of course, you can purchase yourself some unique items that can only be found at the pop-up, or its website Here, but the whole space has been dressed to be the ultimate hang spot for any fan of the series.

On top of Scoops Ahoy-themed clothes and items, the pop-up has throws, sweatshirts, make-up, and period-appropriate candy!

On top of the products, they have interactive rooms that make amazing photo-ops. Included is Joyce’s House with interactive light display, Hawkins Middle’s Snowball Dance with peeks into the gang’s lockers, Palace Arcade with free play period appropriate games, Starcourt Mall where you pay for all your goods, and the Russian Lab where you can activate a portal to the Upside Down!

Be careful, because when the Upside Down might take over the experience, but when it does make sure to check out each room as it changes the entire activation.

I will suggest though that when you go that you bring lots of quarters. While the Arcade is free to play, there is a prize machine that gives out temporary tattoos and buttons, and you won’t want to miss that!

My two favorite things that are exclusive to the event, and worth checking out are the arcade tokens, which you can’t even get online. My other favorite thing is the specialty figure from Chogrin which re-imagines Eleven as an Eggo-loving Demogorgon! (Which you can pre-order right Here!)

Make sure to reserve your tickets to the experience Here, before the spots are all gone!

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