Sony Makes 35 Of Their Cameras Into Webcameras

If you’ve been a little upset at your laptop’s poorly made webcamera, or are using a desktop, and still find it hard to find a proper camera add-on, then Sony might be a solution.

With their new desktop app, Imaging Edge Webcam, people will be able to use 35 different Sony cameras with their laptop and desktops.

With their cameras though they will gain the benefit of higher image quality, face and eye detection, autofocusing, and many more features.

Here is a list of compatible Sony camera models:

  • Alpha 9 II
  • Alpha 9
  • Alpha 7R IV
  • Alpha 7R III
  • Alpha 7R II
  • Alpha 7S II
  • Alpha 7S
  • Alpha 7 III
  • Alpha 7 II
  • Alpha 6600
  • Alpha 6400
  • Alpha 6100
  • RX100 VII
  • RX100 VI
  • RX0 II
  • RX0
  • Digital Camera ZV-1
  • Alpha 7S III
  • …and more!
  • How do you make this work? Simply connecting your camera to your computer with the use of it’s USB connection.

    So, are you going to be using the software for work, or more likely for streaming your video gameplay on twitch?

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