Santa The Experience Coming To A Home New You!

Looking for an interesting way to celebrate the season?

How about a virtual holiday experience where you get to meet Santa Claus!

If this interests you, then you might want to check out Santa The Experience!

The experience starts with Pickles the “Welcome Elf” who begins your journey. You’ll then have to wake up Dimples, so he can feed the reindeer. Then Bazzle needs your help sorting the kids’ letters in Santa’s Mailroom. If Dimples fed the reindeer, you’ll get to meet Dasher and Prancer! (Don’t worry, Dimples never forgets!) Then you’ll have to help Tinsel prepare the toys for departure. Then you’ll get to finally meet Mr. and Mrs. Claus. You’ll get around 5 minutes to live chat it up with Santa! Don’t forget to tell him what you want for the holiday.

This experience is awesome, and a lot of fun for the kids who missed out on meeting Santa at the mall.

The price starts at $34.95, and varies as we get closer to Christmas.

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