JelloApocalypse @ San Japan 2019

Ah, San Japan. The one weekend a year where San Antonio, a home of Texan culture, is displaced by cosplay, anime, a big rave and a costume ball, all in downtown. The one weekend a year that you can see some guy dressed as Sailor Moon posing in front of The Alamo. You just have to love America when you see a cultural juxtaposition like that. Check out the link to the photo gallery of standout cosplay Here!

While San Japan was a great time, one panel I attended really stood out to us. Voice actor and YouTuber Brendan Blaber aka JelloApocalypse held a panel to premiere some of his new projects, and some projects by his crew. Blaber has made a name for himself on Youtube with the “So This is Basically” series. The series is essentially TVtropes as an animated short format review show of popular cartoons, anime and games. Pointing out the facets, faults and features of series while showing off some excellent and hilarious voice acting. At the panel, he showed off the newest episode, about the much maligned Sonic the Hedgehog series and it’s recent foibles. While not NSFW, get ready to explain some things if you decide to watch this in public, but hey, if you’re watching something concerning Sonic The Hedgehog, you’re probably used to it.

That was a joke, Sonic fans, you guys are alright.

Much bigger than that, were previews and announcements for two more projects by either Blaber or his crew. First off is Pizza Game, a dating sim created by Plasterbrain, composer for many of Blaber’s videos and his sister. Pizza Game is an ironic dating sim full of intentional misspellings and absolutely undateable characters, ranging from a mostly nude contortionist wearing only a towel and a lampshade, to a clearly, overtly, homicidal send-up to Christian Bale’s character in American Psycho. While the game is text, there’s an excellent fully voiced trailer available on Youtube and Steam. Pizza Game is available now on Steam and for $9.99. Check out the trailer!

Then, from Blaber came the announcement for a pet project in conjunction with content creator VRV, a regular sponsor of his YouTube content. Epithet Erased is a visual novel format animated series based on the tabletop game powered by Anime Campaign System!, a modified version of the Unforgotten Realms system. The crux of the series is that people are born with an “Epithet”, a randomly generated word that defines their abilities and powers. However, while we would often think of words like “Power”, “Speed”, or “Faith”, to create interesting characters, these words are randomly generated. How do you interpret a character who has the power of “Soup” or “Dumb” and try to move through a universe? Well that’s what you’ll find out in Epithet Erased, a seven episode series chronicling a late night museum heist and the protagonist Molly, who does indeed have the power of “Dumb”. The series boasts a notable voice cast directed by SoundCadence Studios, an indie voice studio with popular titles like RWBY and Kemono Friends under their belt. There are full animated segments produced by Powerhouse Animation, who’s Castlevania series on Netflix made big splashes in the animation world these last few years. The series is set to release on VRV in October of 2019.

There’s a short blurb about Epithet Erased at the end of Blaber’s latest video, which can be found here!

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