You Can Also Be In Rick And Morty!

As the world wishes to see where the show is going, including is Beth a clone… of a clone? Will Mr. Poopybutthole have a big white beard/a grandchild? Will Jaguar find an alternative universe daughter? They want to answer those questions, with no answer. Instead here is a charity raffle to allow you to be asked those questions as no one will believe that the creators didn’t tell you all about the new season!


However, if you love Rick and Morty, then you’d probably love to get a chance to be in an episode, and meet the creators, Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon. Even if it means the internet will hound you till you die for spoilers on the new season.

So head on over to Prizeo for their charity raffle. A $10 donation, enters you into the drawing, which is totally worth the chance!

What does your donation actually do? Well this money doesn’t go into the pockets of Dan Harmon, Justin Roiland, Starburns Industries, or Adult Swim, no it goes to the Next For Autism and Bergen County’s United Way.

Next for Austism
This organization educates, provides clinical and vocational training, specifically to help people with autism and their family.

Bergen County’s United Way
This organzation works to deal with the shortage of affordable homes in New Jersey, which has the highest housing costs in the USA. To combat this they help to perform alternative residential options to adults with autism. Delivered a functional residence, allowing their beneficiaries to have their independence.

Hurry and donate though, as the raffle ends on October 1st, 2019!

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