Relive Your Glory Days At Your Reunion Even During A Pandemic

Reunions magazine has been giving suggestions and support for reunion planners for over 30 years. While the magazine has recently been acquired by Vivid-Pix, they still want to help their readers plan reunions, in spite of the ongoing pandemic.

While we are all suffering separation pains as a result of COVID-19, that doesn’t mean we have to miss out on events like Reunions, as long as smart actions are taking place to keep people safe. Even with vaccines flowing, safety is still a major concern for potential attendees. Solutions include full gatherings regardless of the disease, Zoom sessions, or hybrids of the two.

Their newest issue, March Edition is available now online for free, and covers education, resources, event planning, and tactics for sharing information for reunions of any kind.

Learn what protocols should be used to keep people safe, how to connect more attendees to the event, and how to create a memorable reunion regardless of how you throw it in our current, and post-Covid world.

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