You know what? Unova!

Hey, Trainers!

This is the third and final Ultra Unlock week that we managed to snag during GO Fest and it concentrates on the newest Region to hit Pokemon GO – the U.S.A. based region of Unova. The week lasts from Friday the 14th, 1:00pm until Friday the 21st at 1:00pm.

Here’s a list of the bonuses we can expect! (Borrowed from my previous GO Fest article.)

  • Unova based Pokemon will spawn more frequently and hatch from 7km Eggs.
  • The introduction of Emolga, Cottonee and Sewaddle! Welcome to the fray!
  • We’ll also be seeing Unova based Pokemon in Raids.
  • 5 Star Raids will feature Genesect, and introduce the possibility to catch a Shiny Genesect. (They’re bright red and really cool looking. Like a sports car. If that sports car was also a giant bug monster.)
  • Another new addition will be Bouffalant! It’s going to be a regional Pokemon, though, and only available around New York. I’m assuming because it’s the Buffalo Pokemon. Buffalo… New York. (Yeah I see you Niantic. I see you and I love you.)
  • Roggenrolla will be available in Shiny!
  • I think, of the three event weeks, this one is my favorite. I’m a sucker for opportunities to fill out my Pokedex a little more and so far Unova has had the slowest roll-out of new monsters. Not that I’m planning on traveling to New York any time soon, but Sewaddle and Cottonee are fun new additions. (Emolga, as a Pikachu clone, doesn’t much hold my interest but I’m sure there’s people out there who love this little guy. I’m still firmly of the opinion that it should have been a Pachirisu evolution.)

    And that leaves us with the Spotlight. I think there’s really only one logical choice, here…

    Spotlight on Genesect

    This Bug/Steel Type Pokemon is a favorite of mine. Previously it was available as a Special Research story reward only, but as mentioned above it’s going to star in 5 Star Raids for the first time.

    The Pokedex tells us… almost nothing about this Pokemon. We know that it is ancient in origin, with its presence in the fossil record dating back 300 million years or so. We also know that Team Plasma, the enemy team from Black, White, Black 2 and White 2, modified its canon. And that’s at least one special distinction between the ones we see today and the ancient version – there’s a drive in the back of the massive gun on this Pokemon’s back. Inserting one of several drives will alter the Type of the move Techno Blast. A move which is sadly absent from Pokemon GO.

    Speaking of which, how does this ancient Pokemon fare in the game?

    With a Max CP of 3353, Attack of 252, Defense of 199 and Stamina of 174, this B.F.G. Bug is going to rip and tear through your enemies. That Attack Stat is beautiful and it’s not exactly terrible on bulk – average Stamina lets it down, but only slightly. This Pokemon only has one weakness and that’s to Fire. It’s a double weakness…. but still. It backs this up with a whopping nine resistances! Two of these are double resistances – Poison and Grass. The others are Ice, Bug, Fairy, Dragon, Normal, Steel and Psychic.

    Regarding Fast Attacks, you have access to Fury Cutter and Metal Claw, both of which are STAB with Metal Claw winning out for DPS. For Charged Attacks you have Hyper Beam, X-Scissor and Magnet Bomb, the latter two of which are STAB.

    Shiny Genesect is a beautiful bright red and looks awesome as well as being easy to spot.

    And there you have it! Trainers, as always I wish you the best of luck chasing down the newly available Shiny Pokemon. While Genesect is the most relevant one available for the week, don’t forget Roggenrolla is also making its Shiny debut!

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