Olythe Enters The Breathalyzer Field In The USA

    UPDATE (03/14/21)
    While we were impressed with Olythe’s FDA approval last year, now the OCIGO breathalyzers have been approved by the US Department of Transportation (DOT) for use as a traffic control and enforcement device. The OCIGO will shrink the required tech of law enforcement, when compared to their current devices. Additionally, thanks to it’s patented infrared spectroscopy technology, results will be instantly and accurately measured. So here is to less people on the road driving drunk!

Already FDA approved, Olythe is coming to America with their infrared spectroscopic breath measurement breathalyzer.

Before we go into their products, let’s talk a little about the difference between breathalyzers in the commercial field, and those in the field of law enforcement.

25% of road deaths in the USA are due to alcohol, and a total of around 11,000 deaths a year. While breathalyzers are a great way to curb those numbers by people who actually care about others, they have never been that accurate. Professional tech in the field had a level of security and precision thanks to spectroscopic technology. That tech specifically measures the concentration of alcohol in the air with precision.

Olythe’s device, the OCIGO uses that same technology, and uses a 4-digit display to accurate and clearly show the user their Blood Alcohol level. in connection to their app in the Apple App Store and Play Store, they can even reliably predict how long until the user is back down to zero. Another amazing feature is the notice of the user’s current state legal limit.

Purchase Olythe’s OCIGO for $299 directly on Olythe.io or on Amazon, and help get the death rates due to DUI down!

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