NTONY: Blood Manor – Press Preview

Blood Manor is located at 359 Broadway, New York, NY 10013 and is the historic home and gallery of one of the first photographers best known for his work during the Civil War, Matthew B. Brady. Another think that Brady is well known for, is taking the photo of Abraham Lincoln, that is used on the $5 bill, just days before his assassination. The site has its own haunted history, with people reportedly spotting Brady himself, as well as civil war soldiers on site. That’s besides the attractions and chambers that Blood Manor brings to life. Some of Those chambers are “The Crypt”, “Thunderdome”, “Hannibal’s Hell”, and a “Killer Clown Room”.

From the moment you arrive at Blood Manor in NYC the experience begins.

Even before you enter the actual haunted house aspect, staff and actors are around interacting and scaring those unaware. I got to experience a few shows put on by a fire-eater, which was amazing. There was also a creepy clown, an axe wielding dominatrix, and an entertaining roller skater with an electrical cord. All of them were around scaring and entertaining pedestrians passing by and those going into Blood Manor.

Once inside the haunted house the level of commitment that the actors and staff had outside was just as good if not better inside. One of the most impressive features, was being able to go through brightly painted rooms with 3D glasses. The glasses gave added effects to the colors and experience. Additionally though at times you would be walking in complete darkness through a hallway, with no knowledge if you were alone or not.

Every room and chamber had great details and themed to fit what was going on. The best aspect of the entire experience though was the staff and actors, hands down. Even when an attendee wasn’t scared, and joking, the actors would stay in character, responding to the brave attendee.

When looking at visiting Blood Manor be sure to look at the different ways you can experience the attraction:

  • Horrorgram Nights: For the timid, the lights are up and photography is allowed.
  • Light’s Out Nights: For the more adventurous, where everything is darker and you only have a glow stick.
  • Go alone or in a group, buy tickets ahead of time or at the door. If you wish to purchase your tickets in advance, then head Here!

    I had a blast and would go back anytime.

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