Rochelle Walks Through Sugar Rush!

Experiential Supply Co, the makers of Haunt O’ Ween and WonderLAnd, have returned with their family-friendly event, Sugar Rush. What began as a potential drive-through event is now an on-foot event, thanks to the warmer weather and the steady decline of Covid cases in Los Angeles. The Promenade at Westfield Topanga in Woodland Hills is once again their sweet home, offering 40,000 square feet of pure candy land!

Before we go into the details for the events, we want to remind people that we are still within the thralls of a pandemic, and recommend people check out our article on “If You Should Go Out” Here. In keeping with our promise within that article though, lets talk about the steps taken by the event to stay safe for it’s attendees. The event is outdoors, with limits for groups engaging in it. As long as you were your mask, and keep your distance from other parties, the event has metered the event to prevent overtaxing and overcrowding. They are still very strict when it comes to following Covid protocols, so be sure to wear a mask, keep your 6 feet of distance, and abstain from touching the eye-catching displays.

Having grown so accustomed to drive-throughs, this event was a welcomed one. With the weather warming up this event offers the perfect opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air. Full disclosure: we went in the early evening when it was still very bright and warm out, but after seeing some of their displays we knew a night time visit would have probably been a better choice. Their installations were nothing short of what was expected, especially after how much we enjoyed WonderLAnd. It was pure eye candy surrounding us, from pink cotton candy macaroon and rainbow unicorn birthday lands to honey bees and circuses. Then of course, the iconic Alice in Wonderland, gummy bear cottages, and diving under the sea into a mermaid kingdom.

Live performers greet you while happy upbeat music loudly plays on the speakers. Aside from just walking through, there are play opportunities for the kiddos as well, like weaving through giant lollipops, walking through various-colored rose-walled houses, and swinging on one of the many swingsets (my daughter’s favorite thing!) as a sweet finale.

Their iconic LA LOVE logo is also there as your final photo, but truly make sure your phone is charged because the photo ops are endless. At this final stop, you will also receive a pretty sweet treat to take home with you, and there are benches to sit at if you want to relax after your long journey on foot.

While this was a very fun experience during the early evening, I’m guessing this experience is amped up at night, when the lights turn on. I would love to go back for this reason. But overall, day or night, I’d recommend it, not just for adults and kids, but for man’s best friend as well. Yep, my teeth were rotting just watching these dogs pose with the already saccharine displays! Tickets start at $30 per person but the more people in your party the less it costs per person (i.e. $100 for 5 people and $128 for 8 people)

You’d better rush to the Sugar Rush because it only runs for one month, April 2nd through May 2nd. 10am-9pm on weekends, and 3pm-9pm on weeknights. Info, merch, and tickets Here!

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