Pass The Time During The Quarantine With Movo Video Blogging Tools

It’s a bleak hellscape in Los Angeles right now. Clean air, empty freeways and streets, neighbors sharing resources, and people keeping the hell away from me. It’s torture.

What can you do when you are done watching everything in your Netflix que?

Well if you’ve been planning to start up a vlog on Youtube, then now is the time. Movo has the tools you need to get it done!

Movo Smartphone Video Rig with Extendable Mini Tripod

Movo created an all in one video kit, that can work with your smartphone, and help you produce content at an amazing quality.

  • Smartphone Handle Rig
  • This rig works with tripods, but it’s wide mouth, sloped teeth will hold almost every smartphone on the market, with a couple outliers. Additionally the handle rig includes a bubble level, for your handheld use, so if self maintain the camera, you can make sure you are lined up properly.

    Another awesome part of the handle rig, is the cold shoe mount. While it doesn’t support power, it will allow you to add accessories as needed for your recording.

  • Tabletop Tripod, Rubberized Grip Handle, Wrist Strap, and Tripod Extender
  • From holding it yourself, with the wrist strap and and soft rubberized grip hand, to setting it up on a table with the legs, with our without the extender.

    This kit lets you set yourself up for success regardless with what you are covering.

    Need to take your new audience through your locked down house? Then grip that soft rubber, and secure your camera to your wrist, because this kit is helpful for you. However, if you need to do cooking videos, story time, or open boxing videos?

  • Movo VXR10 Universal Video Microphone
  • A microphone doesn’t just stand alone. Now the microphone has cardioid condensor to keep out exterior sounds, but the microphone includes a “deadcat” windscreen to further eliminate environmental noises. Not enough noise reduction? The shock-mount also will prevent vibration noises as you walk around your house.

    The microphone has a 3.5mm cable specifically to connect to DSLRs and smartphones, and uses that to pull power from the phone or camera, so no need to worry about the microphone running out of power.

    So what are you waiting for? Head to Movo to order your kit now!

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