Liquid Death Is Back With Merch, Subscriptions, And Bulk Pricing!

We recently talked about Liquid Death, see our prior post Here, but after we talked about them, they did a couple really cool things!

They opened up bulk pricing to the public! That means if you are an office, looking to get that wholesale discount for your office water, then check out the options available here

You may have noticed that the price of $12.49, (normally $18.99) is only available if you purchase a minimum of 10 cases.

Not planning to purchase that many of them? Don’t worry, they sitll have discounts of $2 off per case when you buy 2 cases, or $3 off per case when you buy 3 or more cases.

Or maybe you don’t want to order at all, you just want that liquid goodness at your door. Well Liquid Death has started a new system called Auto-Death, which works like a weekly, or monthly subscription of auto-sent water.

If you sign up for Auto-Death now you can gain a free t-shirt, just for joining.

Any non Limited Edition shirt can be added to the auto-death subscription. Sign up for Auto-Death by heading Here!

Lastly though, the site has also opened up merch purchasing for non-members that aren’t willing to sell their soul to join their rewards program.

Find their amazing shirts, hats, and additional items, Here!

I will admit though that it’s still worth signing up for their rewards program, Here, or you wont be able to pick up these amazing items…

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