Legion M Selling Nerd Face Masks For A Good Cause

We talk about Legion M a lot, and in fact, we’ve talked about them a couple of times in the last two weeks, but the reason we are talking about them now, is pretty awesome.

In an effort to provide an item many people need to keep safe, but also raise funds for a good cause, Legion M will be selling nerd themed face masks! Here are a couple of samples that they provide!

The good cause you ask? Well Legion M is donating 100% of the Net proceeds from the mask to supporting The Actors Fund.

But why should you care about The Actors Fund?

Actors and their support crew usually have an unstable lifestyle when it comes to making money. Sure success stories exist, where they get a show or a movie and they make some money to live comfortably for a bit, but that’s definitely not the majority of actors that struggle to make ends meet between jobs.

Beyond that point, people in the industry can go without work for months on end between filming seasons.

This pandemic though, it has shut down productions on most shows early and prevented the starting of productions of shows that would normally start around now. I’m not complaining about that, it’s in the interest of public health, and very important right now. However, I still feel horrible for those in the entertainment industry that can not provide for their family as a result of this situation.

The Actors Fund, however, is an organization that provides services to those in the entertainment industry with the hope to create a safety net.

If this is something that interests you, or you just need a mask, then pick up your geek chic mask Here!

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