Unleash Your Inner Princess With Enchanted Bikinis

Ever want to be a Disney princess? But also you want to swim and can’t afford a mermaid tail? I know that feel. Those are expensive af. At least the good ones are. And what’s the point in getting a crappy one? I digress.

Be a princess and show off your bod at the pool with creations from Enchanted Bikinis. These whimsical swimsuits are inspired by heroes and villains alike, from Ariel and Ursula to Aurora and Maleficent, look and feel great in these handmade outfits made for both lounging and swimming.

Each bikini is made with rigorous detail to the character design, the materials used, and how it sits on different body types. You won’t experience gaping, pinching, chafing, or any other discomfort in these high quality suits! And if you’re like me and can’t quite find a size that works for you, they also offer custom sizing. This swimwear definitely impresses, and will be with you for the long haul.

When I first saw this shop, I was just blown away. This independent woman has done an amazing job! I can finally be Ariel, just like I’ve wanted since I was a child.

As I previously mentioned, custom sizing is going to have to be a thing for me. I can fit in a standard Small for the bottoms, but my boobs are just…. a lot. For me, rocking a one-piece is going to have to be a custom job for sure. And with the bikinis, I’m limited by style. I need to have something that’s going to heft these bazongas. Literally a month ago, they broke a bra. Like… the straps snapped right off. Some styles do worse than others with my thunder pumpkins, like anything with a front latch might last me a few days to a week before breaking in half. So to contain my weapons of mass destruction, the incredible founder, Sina, suggested I go for the Maleficent or Megaera styles. Something that has a thicker strap and can handle the twin titans’ girth.

I love all the styles, and can’t wait to show off when it warms up a bit!

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