Dasung Releases A 25″ E-Ink Monitor

Available now on Indiegogo, tech lovers can crowdfund and pre-order their own E-ink monitor from Dasung. This 25.3 inch monitor is titled the Paperlike 253. The Paperlike 253 is currently the largest E-ink monitor on the market. Traditionally E-ink displays have been small, like Kindles and eReaders. While the screen is E-ink, the resolution is still high quality, with 3K resolution. The format ratio of the screen is 16:9.

The Paperlike 253 uses Dasung’s patented high-speed refresh technology to allow for low latency to allow for high-quality display needs. Using the three display modes, users can make sure the monitor works for their needs. Graphic Mode, Text Mode, and Video Mode allow quick adjusting of contrast to produce the best experience for the user.

Dasung has worked for 7 years doing research and investigating technology in the field of E-ink. E-ink is a field of technology that is best for the eyes when dealing with long-term usage.

This device would be perfect for people who regularly have long required monitor time. People like lawyers, teachers, students, programmers, traders, writers, editors, and office workers.

If you worry about your eyes at work all day, and want to invest in tech that changes the marketplace, then you can do so on Indiegogo Here. Or you can buy other Dasung products Here.

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