GoSun Brings Solar Tiny Homes To The World

We’ve shared articles about GoSun’s products before, which you can find Here, but GoSun isn’t done yet with simply camping tools.

In their effort to work with the tiny home movement, GoSun is entering into the frey with the Dream. Their plan? To create a dream tiny home that also provides off the grid power, without a loss in the lifestyle people come to expect from tiny homes.

The GoSun tiny house is 195 square feet of style and power, which includes solar cooking, solar based cooling, and solar powered water purification. Is 195 square feet really enough? The Center on Everyday Lives of Families at the University of California studied the movement of families and the amount of space we actually use in our house is drastically less then we think.

While it will weight around 12,000 pounds it will still be able to be easily towed and GoSun’s tiny homes will be able to work anywhere an RV can connect. They will have water, electricity, heating and cooling options, and a low maintenance composting toilet. As for power, the homes will have a 1.4kW Solar PV Array with a 4kWH Lithium Ion Energy Storage system capable of 3,000W/120V Generator. The home also will have Energy Star appliances and room for up to four adults.

While due to their custom basis, price point is hard to cover, they say that the products will come under the average cost of DIY or custome builds.

Live anywhere with GoSun’s tiny home! Find out how to reserve your own solar tiny home Here!

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