Give Your Smile A Make Over With GLO Science Products

Smiles are super important to people’s day to day. It happens usually outside of our control when things happen that make us happy.

For many people though, smiles are a major issue of self-confidence. Whether it’s from a cosmetic tooth issue, or other hang up, it’s tragic that some people can’t feel comfortable doing a basic human activity that occurs mostly subconsciously. People shouldn’t be ashamed of their teeth. Teeth normally darken two shades every 10 years regardless of your daily practices, and worse for people who smoke or drink coffee.

It’s for this reason, among others, that the award-winning GLO Science, Inc., is trying to help people get back their smiles. While they can’t solve every issue, if you are ashamed of your teeth color he may be able to help you lift your smile brightness by five whole shades!

And with recent issues with public health, GLO Science’s at-home kit can make you feel more confident without increasing your worry from going out in public and risking contamination. Some people though find self-care difficult, and treatments to be painful, so GLO products are specially designed to be sensitivity-free and easy to add to a self-care routine.

  • ECO Balance – A therapeutic toothpaste topper that raises oral pH for a healthier mouth, fresher breath, and whiter teeth. Simply add ECO Balance on top of your favorite toothpaste when you normally brush twice a day, and you will have healthier and whiter teeth!
    1. You can pick up the ECO Balance from Glo Science, Here for $49.00 per (3.4 oz.) can.
  • GLO Lit teeth whitening kit – Simply brush the whitening gel directly on the teeth from the GLO Vial, and apply the heat and light mouthpiece with optional Bluetooth (LOL, tooth) connectivity to ensure proper usage. If dome correctly can cause teeth to be five times whiter without any sensitivity issues!
    1. You can pick up the GLO Lit kit from Sephora, Here for $149.

    If your own confidence is not enough to warrant picking up these affordable products, then you might be swayed that during this holiday season 10% of the profits from GLO Lit kit purchases will go to provide free dental care to those in need through the companies own GLO Good Foundation, because not everyone is able to afford proper dental care.

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