Blue Bunny Helps Fight Canceled Convention Blues

Have you been sad that your events have been canceled as a result of the pandemic? Well Blue Bunny ice cream wants to give you something back to make up for your setbacks this year.

Now thanks to Blue Bunny you can turn your tickets for canceled events into opportunity! They have exchanged over 3000 tickets as of us writing this, and you can too! Here are the types of prizes you could win:

The potential prizes available for this contest are:

Digital Music Code (60) • T-shirt eGift Card (60) • Music Gift Card (60) • Record Club Subscription (2)
Music Lesson (2) • Turntable (2) • $1,000 Music Package (1) • Sports Apparel eGift Card (30)
Athletic Wear eGift Card (100) • Custom Wall Decals eGift Card (30) • One Year Education Subscription (2)
Games eGift Card (2) • Sports Memorabilia eGift Card (2) • $1,000 Sports Package (1) • Gas Card (80)
National Parks Pass (40) • Car Sharing Service eGift Card (80) • Suitcase (2) • Spa eGift Card (2)
Noise Canceling Headphones (2) • $1,000 Road Trip Travel Package (2) • Streaming Service eGift Card (60)
Food Delivery Service eGift Card (60) • Theme Park eGift Card (60) • Smartwatch (3)
Workout Subscription (2) • Online Cooking Class (2) • $1,000 Leisure/Misc. Package (1)

Your ticket or receipt will have to be submitted as an image and must be specifically from an event, venue, trip, or membership. The event doesn’t have to just be canceled, as it counts if it was rescheduled. The event does, however, have to have been scheduled to take place between March 15, 2020 and December 31, 2020.

If you have an event or qualifying activity by their standards, then you can submit your tickets Here.

Just make sure you submit your ticket before September 2, 2020.

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