Have A Play To Put On? Fringe Festival Wants To Give You A Leg Up!

Today is the last day to register for the Fringe Scholarship.

What is the Fringe Scholarship?

Well, in case you missed our prior post talking about the new dates of the Fringe Festival (find it Here), the Fringe Festival is an independent stage production group, focusing on the craft.

As a way to encourage new and independent creators, Fringe Festival wants to give first-time Hollywood Fringe producers a leg up, but there are requirements.

Who is eligible?

  • New Fringe Festival contributors.
  • Fringe projects that focus on ethnic, cultural, racial, mentally disabled, physically disabled, or LGBTQ+ themes or inclusivity.
  • If you are new, and focus on one of those topics, then you could be choosen to receive the scholarship.

    What does the scholarship include?

  • Free registration for one Hollywood Fringe production.
  • $550 stipend to be spent towards venue and production costs.
  • Guidence from a Fringe mentor, who will help guide you in the process.
  • Marketing and networking opportunities.
  • To sign up before the deadline, or learn more, then head to Here!

    What kind of production would you put on?

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