Smart Home Without Big Brother With Flic Twist

Everyone in the world has heard at least one story about smart devices listening in your home. From your Google Speaker to your Amazon Alexa, the desire to bark an order at any moment has opened the door to removing our privacies.

Whenever you think about your smart home features, you had to make a choice between privacy or convenience. Not anymore though with the Flic Twist.

Mounted on your wall, or on your table, the Flic Twist is a smart button/dial that can help control everything in your home, while also being easy enough to use that even small children or guests can intuitively learn how to use it.

Flic Twist is a wireless device that combines a smart button with a dimmer-like dial allowing users to configure the inputs independently or in combination to produce everything you normally would do with your voice. The device itself can allow for up to 12 custom triggers for advanced users.

Dim the lights, turn on smart plugs, turn on speakers? The Flic Twist can do it for you!

Flic Twist can work with major companies like LIFX, Philips Hue, Sonos, many more, and the program If This Then That.

Pre-orders open today through their Kickstarter, which can be found Here, and will have support provided for them when they release to the public in 2022.

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