Professional 3D Printing Showroom Opens In Ann Arbor Michigan

Azoth and Dynamism have partnered together to open a new 3D Printer Showroom, because why buy something online for these prices without seeing them first.

Now these models are not your entry level devices for hobbyist. These are professional grade items, over $1,000 with multiple features, and some of them even print out metal projects. If you are looking to up your game, or gain some professional items for your business, then Dynamism is the showroom for you!

They carry multiple different models and types, as well as the accessories for the printers.

This goal of this showroom is to help foster fast-tracked implementation of “additive manufacturing”, like 3D printers and the like. They believe that their devices can help companies reduce operating costs and improve company efficiencies.

While the showroom has tons of models, and the gear you need to run them, they are specifically appointment based. So if you are interested in stopping by the location, then head Here to schedule your visit!

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