DC Daily Harley Quinn Sweepstakes

DC wants to lead up to Christmas, with prizes for so many of their fans, so they launched the awesome, Happy HarleyDays sweepstakes.

10 days of prizes, but to have a chance you have to enter every day!

Prize packages are themed each day. The first being themed on the woman herself, Harley!

The following days are themed around specific DC Batman-verse characters, with prize packages to fit them.

  • Day Two: Poison Ivy
  • Day Three: Batman
  • Day Four: Kite Man
  • Day Five: Clayface
  • Day Six: Dr. Psycho
  • Day Seven: Sy Borgman
  • Day Eight: King Shark
  • Day Nine: The Joker
  • Day Ten: BANE
  • All characters from DC Universe’s Harley Quinn show, with a total of over $10,000 worth of prizes! Each daily package will include a one-of-a-kind character model print, and other amazing swag.

    So head back to this link each day going forward until Monday, December 23rd. If you don’t you’ll miss every day’s giveaway.

    ENTER NOW for a chance to win!

    Happy HarleyDays everyone!

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