Bestest Memes for National Dog Day

I know things can be hard, especially around the holidays. But don’t you worry, I got you! Today is National Mutt Day! And you know what makes everyone smile? DOG MEMES!!!

So while we may not be able to go and visit all the doggos outside, I’m here to bring the doggos to you! So grab the closest fluffy pet if you got one, and take a look at my most favorite dog memes on the internet!

I hope that brought you some joy. And remember, as it is National Mutt Day, if you want to give something back there are many ways to do so! You can check out your local animal shelter’s website and see if you can donate time or money. You can donate money to the ASPCA or a similar society and help feed animals in need. Now I know it is National Mutt Day, but don’t let that stop you from just treating any animal who needs some help <3

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