D&D Memes and Dice to Crit With for National Dice Day

Dice have been around since before history can remember and no one really knows where they came from. Some theorize that dice were developed from fortune telling and using the talus of a hoofed animal, known as “knucklebones”. The earliest dice were six sided and were made out of many different kinds of materials, including real bones!

It is thought that the oldest known dice were excavated as part of a backgammon-like game set at the Burnt City, an archeological site in south-eastern Iran, estimated to be from between 2800–2500 BC.

Today we thank our dice being that it’s National Dice Day! And where would games be without our them? For those of us who play Dungeons & Dragons, we know there are many types of sided die, made out of many kinds of materials ALSO including real bone, metals, semi-precious stones, fossils, and more! Some so beautiful, they need their own display, and some in sizes varying to “oops I swallowed it” to “I’m going to dent the table”. Below is a photo of what is thought to be one of the earliest found 20 sided die made from glass from the the Roman Era about two millennia ago. 

Today dice, we thank you. 

In honor of my favorite dice game, I bring you my most favorite Dungeons & Dragons memes, along with a few amazing dice companies for your eye candy. 




(This is where I got my coral fossil dice set)





So what do you think? Share with us your favorite dice or Dungeons & Dragons related memes, your favorite dice, or your dream dice. Crit-ya-later! 

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