CES 2020 – Spotlight on 4DX Screen X

While at CES we stopped by the 4DX theater, from CJ 4DPLEX. They had set up their new 4DX on display, so more people in different markets could see them.

What an experience. First they showed us a bunch of traditional movie trailers and through them, showed off the ScreenX experience, of motion and weather and three screens, wrapping our vision.

After that was completed, they showed us the true quality of the 4DX experience, engaging all the prior experiences but adding a 4th screen on the top. It expands the experience to fully wrap around your field of view.

If you want to find this awesome theater near you, then head Here to find one.

I’ll be honest, I don’t go to theaters, because my amazing home theater setup. That being said, I have nothing on the ScreenX and 4DX experiences!

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