Eric’s Favorite Of CES 2022 Unveiled? Pivo Pods!

We stopped by CES Unveiled last night and there were so many awesome tech gadgets and masterpieces that it was hard, but just like last time we were live at Unveiled, we choose our favorite of all the products on display.

It’s important to note that while not all products on display at CES Unveiled will be new, to be able to display at CES Unveiled one of their products must be never before seen!

I’m up to share my favorite item, and for me, it starts with the PIVO Pod camera mounts!

While these come in a myriad of styles, which provide app features and cool options for use, the Pivo system is really just a mount for a tripod that holds your phone and uses its system to track, adjust, or control your camera for its best use.

One of our favorite features with the device is taking full house walkthrough videos and its ability to use machine learning to stitch the segments together like a virtual dollhouse. To use that feature they recommend the technology of the iPhone 12 and above in the future, as well as the software normally packaged with the Pivo Pod Black model which prices at above $400 dollars. However, I was told that if that is the primary reason to get this device, you could pick up a lower-level model and purchase the feature for $100 in the app.

Their new technology at Unveiled though was the Pivo Pod X, a new version of the prior model that is sleeker and features the ability to tilt the camera to get the best look at you.

Another awesome technological device from unveiled was their Pivo Pod Max which will allow users to use the awesome device with larger items like tablets.

If you want to pick up your own Pivo Pod Lite you can do so Here!

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