Gamify Your Toothbrushing With Colgate Hum

Dental care is important.

Most people find it boring or a chore, but it’s a vital part of your daily upkeep. To make people more engaged with the practice, Colgate has released the Hum toothbrush. This device comes in four versions, two designed for children, and two for adults.

The purpose of the tool, and the accompanied app, is to track toothbrushing, and enforcing healthy practices. How does it do that? It gamifies it! For the time properly brushing ones teeth, Colgate will give points within the app, and those points can be spent on physical items within the app’s reward store.

Brushing your teeth properly can net you some replacement heads for the unit, when the old ones start to get dingy.

Of the ones designed for adults, one is rechargable with a gyroscopic tracker to make sure the toothbrush is properly positioned for the app tracking, and the other is simply battery powered.

Purchase your own Hum toothbrush Here!

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