Check Out The Solution To Long Standing Shifts From CES!

Do you have to stand at work all day and it’s taking its toll? It’s a common thing unfortunately in America for sure. For some reason, some people think that if you are sitting at work, you are being lazy.

Archelis Inc, while specifically trying to provide aid to those that work in factory jobs or the medical professions, has created a leg-specific exoskeleton system that helps prevent fatigue or strain for workers. The device uses a toggle hinge on the knee that switches between active walking and locked mode which allows the system to only bend just enough to allow users to sit back on their haunches.

The brace then distributes the weight onto their calf and the back of their thigh.

We got the chance to try them out at CES!

These items would be wonderful for retail workers, but aren’t available just yet in the USA, but will hopefully be coming later in the year if market demand requires them to be.

Find out more about Archelis, Inc Here!

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