Vortex 2.0 Issue #4 – Comic Book Review

Welcome back to another comic review by the one and only Nerd News Social! I am ready to give you all my thoughts on the fourth issue of Vortex 2.0. If you missed my previous reviews of this series, you can find it here! This comic is intended for mature audiences. I will advise that there are some scary images that are pretty gruesome, so if you are sensitive to that keep that in mind before you read. Sorry kids, don’t want you more spooked than you already will be!

If you missed my previous reviews of this series, you can find the first Here the second Here, and the third Here!

I never want to sound like a broken record, but can we please talk about the cover art?! I don’t know how Tim Bradsheet does this but he manages to bring alive the worst of nightmares! It immediately draws your eyes to the…..well monster eyeballs seen that is just so grotesque, you can’t take your own eyes off it! In my opinion, the formula to a perfect comic is graphic, detailed art + an awesome storyline with a dash of witty dialogue added to make the characters seem like they are in the room with you. And so far, each issue of Vortex 2.0 has nailed this!

Because this issue was published in September of this year, I really wanted to try and avoid any spoilers that might have come out. From where we last left off when I reviewed issue #3, our spaceman on the run Jake Dixon is the prime suspect of brutal and gory murders that have been happening ever since he woke up. He has been trying to warn everyone that something darker and more sinister is at hand and is destroying literally every human being that becomes possessed by it. As Dixon, Cheron, and the gang plan their escape, Munron finds them and warns them that she has orders to bring them down soft or hard. Cheron boldly takes the risk of evading her by power surging the aircraft which speeds them off far away from Munron. Then comes the part in all of the stories we read: The good (ish) guys feel a second of sweet relief and celebrate…..then something goes horribly wrong and we are back to the suspense! In this case, the aircraft splits into pieces and they spin out of control. The crew finds them stranded on what looks like a frozen planet. Are they finally safe from harm and trouble? Or……did they just land into even more trouble?

Intrigued and want to finish the rest? You should get your copy here! I have read the first four issues so far and with each issue, there is another level of intensity and thrill that kept my eyes glued to each page. I feel that when I read these I am immediately drawn into the story and I want to go back for more! I hope you guys have liked my reviews so far and there will be more to come in the near future!

Intrigued and want to finish the rest? Get your copy Here!

Stay safe out there and I’ll see you all next time for another comic book review!

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