Buffy Interactive Event at San Diego Comic Con 2018

20th Century Fox is bring a whole new experience to San Diego Comic Con this year.

On Saturday, the same traditional day as the 501st Droid Hunt, Buffy fans will be asked to help defeat the Master, and take down some vampires.

How? Well that’s not specifically described, but it will involve locating vampire nests in the Gaslamp District around the convention center.

If you get to the location before the nest is “gone” fans will be rewarded with a wide-range of prizes including Buffy Funko figures, posters, stickers, pins, t-shirts, comics and much more.

To participate and to start receiving maps and clues, potential Vampire Hunt Slayers must sign up at Shop.Fox.com, beginning on June 27th at 12 noon PST.

Additionally, don’t forget that Shop.Fox.com has all-new exclusive Buffy merchandise, you know if you want to show off your fandom during the hunt.

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