Statespace and Learn2Esport Announce Partnership To Help Young Players

Statespace is a developer who specializes in neuroscience-based training solutions. With that in mind, they created Aim Lab, a first-person shooter program that helps train users to aim, and has been used by more than 20 million players.

So who better of a company for the people behind Learn2Esport to partner with to help young players become even more skilled with video games.

But what does this partnership mean? Using Gameplan the aiming program will seamlessly share their training, statistics, scores, ranking data within the Gameplan infrastructure. Then using the data players will be able to better analyze areas that need to be improved. Then teachers and coaches will be able to create customized training plans to overcome the weaknesses.

The hope of the partnership is that young esports hopefuls will be able to more accurately, and expediently develop their core skills and become even better gamers, so they can achieve professional opportunities in the world of Esports.

So are you ready to enter the world of Esports? It’s even easier now with Aim Labs and Gameplan!

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