Video Games for the Week of February 5th, 2019


God Eater 3
An enemy has arrived on eart, and they are consuming and destroying everything. The only thing that is known, is that they are “Oracle Cells”, and that traditional weapons wont work. However after the collapse of civilization, the remaining humans learn that if you build a weapon out of the creatures, then it is able to hurt them. You must rise up, with your weapon and fight in fast passed battles, for the sake of all humanity.

PS4, Switch, & Xbox One

Monster Energy Supercross 2
AMA Supercross and Monster Energy are back with Monster Energy Supercross 2. The main change on this game is new tracks, riders, and the inclusion of a “Career Mode” that makes the game more then just a jump in and go racing game. Now you can travel the route of a rider making a name for themself!

PS4 & Xbox One

Overkill’s The Walking Dead
Are you ready to step into the world of the Walking Dead, with more fervor then just selecting basic dialog choices, and minor button mashing cinematic scenes? Then you can thank Overkill for creating a four player first person shooter in which you can fight the dead. The game is set in Washington D.C., and you get to play as characters with their own unique abilities, while they try to work together to live. The game boasts a mode where you can even play as the undead.

Pro Fishing Simulator
Have you wanted to fish in a professional competition, but have not been able to because you have no skill, talent, or knowledge of how to actually enter a fishing contest? Well wait no more, Pro Fishing Simulator, brings to you that very option. Travel to real places, and and purchase in game real world equipment from real companies. Progress in the game to win, and prove to your online friends that you are the best digital fisher in the digital competition.

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