Video Games for the Week of August 6th, 2019

PS4 & Xbox One

Age of Wonders: Planetfall by THQ Nordic
Age of Wonders is back. Everything is mixed up, and weird for traditionalist when it comes to Age of Wonders, but it’s just the way we like it. You can be Militant Vangards, Dinosaur riding Females, Cyborg Zombies or more. Find out what happened to this world, as you build up your civilization, and shatter your enemies! Play alone, or with friends in mulitplayer skirmish maps.


Psyvariar Delta by City Connection.
A re-release of the classic 2000 arcade game, enhanced for re-release, but keeping the classic buzz system allowing you to enjoy near misses. The new version will have full HD, and a brand new UI, and DLC!


Enter the Gungeon by Devolver Digital
Devolver Digital is a lot. Their company strategy is turned up to 11. Don’t believe us, check out their E3 presentation from 2019, or their E3 presentation from 2018. It is nuts. But for the first time, their bullet hell dungeon crawling game “Enter the Gundeon” is available on disc format for Nintendo Switch. This version also includes all the DLC for the game.

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