Unboxing The Swash Ultra Thin CL2200

During Pepcom New York, we checked out the new Swash Ultra Thin CL2200 which is available exclusively at Costco. Before it became available they sent us one so we could check it out and install it. We created an unboxing video showing off what’s inside the box, and how it works! Check out what you get with the Swash Ultra Thin CL2200.

The product has a sensor to prevent people from activating the system and throwing water through the air and all over your bathroom. The device, controlled by the remote, can adjust the placement of the water, the temperature of the water, and even the seat temperature! On top of that, the ultra-thin toilet seat also includes an air dryer to help reduce the need for toilet paper.

This device is stylish and amazing for people who want to add form and function to one of the most used items in your house! Make sure to measure your toilet first and ensure if you have a round or elongated toilet so you don’t get the wrong seat!

If you want to pick up your own Here!

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