UNBOXING – Anker Powerhouse II 800

We connected with Anker, you may have seen our other reviews of their other devices on the site. We’ve checked products like headphones, microphones, and webcameras. Now we got our hands on something a bit more substantial. Now they sent us the Powerhouse II 800, one of their amazing and impressive Powerstation systems.

Anker produces quite a bit of different portable power stations with multiple styles and options. These devices are great in a pinch when the power goes out, when camping with friends and family, or just when you need a little bit of juice somewhere outside of the norm.

Charged with multiple options, and in as fast as 8 hours, the Powerhouse II 800 is a great tool that gives you the power that you need at most.

The power station can be charged by a solar panel, sold separately, a wall socket plug, or even a car charger. As for outputs to your devices, the power station has 2 wall plugs, 4 USB-A plugs, 2 USB-C plugs, and a car adapter outlet.

Whatever the device, whatever the need, this beautiful big boy can handle whatever you can throw at it.

As for needing power, this power station is an awesome replacement for a generator and can keep a mini-fridge rolling for up to 11 hours. That’s impressive!

Find out more, and purchase your own Here.

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